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The Salone Association has made donations to several organizations working in Sierra Leone.


Sickle Cell Carers Awareness Network (SCCAN)

  • The Salone Association organized a dinner and dance in 2011 in Geneva as part of the celebrations to mark Sierra Leone’s 50 years of independence.  Part of the proceeds of the event, USD4, 000, was donated to the Sickle Cell Carers Awareness Network (SCANN), a non-governmental organization that was started in Kono District, Sierra Leone, to raise awareness about sickle cell, its treatment and prevention, as well providing practical support and care to people who care for people living with sickle cell. 

Afro-European Medical and Research Network (AEMRN)

  • The Salone Association donated USD 1, 000 in 2012 to the Afro-European Medical Research Network (AEMRN), a non-governmental organization working to improve the health of people living in resource-limited settings through support of medical camps and mobile clinics in Sierra Leone. link

MEPS Trust Well Woman Clinic

  • The Salone Association has made two donations of USD1,000 each to MEPS Trust Well Woman Clinic, a non-governmental organization in Sierra Leone, which provides clinical breast screening and prevention programmes, cancer care and arranges treatment, especially for low-income vulnerable women 

The King George VI Home for  The Aged

  • The King George VI Home for The Aged, an indigenous organization in Sierra Leone,  received two donations  of USD 1,000 dollars each from the Salone Association in 2007 and 2009, for its work on the aged, destitute and infirm persons 

The Cotton Tree Children's Fund 

  • In collaboration with the Holy Trinity Church in Geneva, the Salone Association sponsored a  picnic and walk in Versoix, Switzerland, in 2013 to support the Cotton Tree Children’s Trust, which provides health and educational facilities to vulnerable children in Sierra Leone.



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